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Flavors of Fall | Love with Food Review | November Box Review

Love with Food Box

Last month when I reviewed the October Love with Food box, I was definitely a bit “Ho Hum” about the offerings.  I have to say this month changed my feelings back to adoration and excitement. I absolutely love the theme – Flavors of Fall! And I was delighted to find that the offerings were decidedly creative and non-traditional. It truly felt like fall – but not stereotypically so.DSC02909  

I should say that I’m not in this for the value. This isn’t about getting inexpensive snacks or saving on our grocery bill. It’s about discovering new brands and flavors – which is hard to do where I live right now. It’s worth it to me to spend a bit extra on treats to get to know new brands – or old ones with new creations. 

Okay, back to this month’s box, I may have let out a little squeal or two over some of these treats and items. Yes.. that says Tikka Masala. 

DSC02911That’s what I mean about unconventional. Indian food has taken up residency in our hearts and palates. And again, small town means no options for going out and grabbing it. I’m always looking for tasty at home options. In fact, I finally developed a QUICK, no fail curry option that makes up for a lack of take out. DSC02915

Oh and I’m a sucker for creative branding and packaging. Check out Green and Black’s little treat. It’s a fabric, pull string bag with two little chocolates in it. I’m the kind of gal that needs a bit of chocolate sometimes… just a nibble seems to slow down the world and put things back into balance. These are sticking with me this month. 


Let’s explore all the goodies, shall we?

Crunchy Snacks:
Tuxedo Popcorn from KuKuRuZa
Sweet Potato popchips
Sweet Corn Crunch from Sensible Foods



Bars and Sweet Snacks:Almond, Apricot, and Yoghurt Bar from Eat Natural
Rosemary Sea Salt Shortbread from Dancing Deer Baking Co.
Maple Fudge from Laura Secord
Dark 70% Chocolate from Green and Black’s



Spices and Teas:
Ginger Twist Tea from Mighty Leaf
Authentic Indian spice blend from Arora Creations

Plus… a bunch of coupons!


Recommendation: I definitely recommend Love with Food, if you love to have health-conscious, varied snacks on hand. You only get one, maybe two of each, but that’s perfect for our family of two. These are especially great for long drives and travels. I don’t need boxes of each snack, just a couple things to restore blood sugar levels if necessary.  Oh and if we DO love something, there’s often a coupon. And if not, Love with Food provides discounts to buy more of each item through them! Yes, this was made for snackers like me!


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