What We’re Eating | It’s Not Cold But…

2016-09-02 18.16.44I made soup for the first time to welcome the cooler temperatures this weekend. During our ritulistic evening walk, I mentioned to my husband “Its not cold but…” “But it feels like it will be,” he finished. He nailed it. Of course he did. We celebrated a big anniversary this weekend and we after ALL these years we can definitely finish each other’s … sandwiches. (Thank you, Disney and the Bluths.)

Anyway, it’s going to be cold someday. So soup is happening. I’m planning a chicken cheddar broccoli some of this week’s delights. I’ve already made some Smorgås (open faced sandwiches) with the basil and tomato (because believe it or not, that astringent basil is the toughest ingredient of this bunch for me.) Kale and lettuce are going into juices. And yeah, there’s not enough this week… already put in an order for a large box next time!

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