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Spaetzle | My Chicken Noodle Soup Secret

My great-grandparents used to travel the country in an RV, square dancing and roosting with us during the winter months. My Nana and we girls baked a lot. And she taught us to make Hungarian dumpling/noodles soup. There was no recipe. We just did it. 

Flash forward to my earliest days of marriage, my newly minted mother in law gave me a copy of cookbook that she also had and loved. It included German dumpling noodles, spaetzle. These were a little different from Nana’s because they aren’t pinched or cut; they are dripped into boiling water. She had made them. I made them. My new hubby loved them. 2016-09-04 16.33.18My Nana got to meet my husband while he and I were yet twitterpated and still falling in love. That meant everything to me. 

So you see, when I make these noodles, all of those memories boil together in my heart. Little girl with her Nana, falling in love in the fall, a mother in law eager to share her secrets – and how dumplings in boiling water turn it from a boring broth to a hearty meal. 

That’s my secret. If you’re sick and I bring you soup, it will have German dumplings in it. If it’s cold out and we just need soup, it will have German dumplings in it. 

Chicken Spaetzle  Soup
Make your soup as you love it. I’ll need to share my recipe someday… meaning, I’ll need to actually formalize my recipe someday. I tend to saute an onion, garlic and some carrots. Then dump in some chicken stock and chunks of chicken. 2016-09-04-16-34-10I use a Spaetzle Maker, because I make enough Spaetlze to justify the space it uses, especially during the fall, but you can also just drop the noodles in with a small spoon or strain them through a couple slotted spoons or a large-holed colander. 2016-09-04-16-33-22Mix together 2 eggs, 1/4 cup milk, 1 cup flour. (I have used 1/2 cup whole wheat and 1/2 all purpose. Or 1 cup all purpose.) You can also add some herbs and a dash of salt and pepper.2016-09-04-16-33-25Get your soup boiling and dribble in your noodles. As I said, you can use anything with large holes and push the dough through… or just spoon it in. Boil 5 minutes and cool a bit before serving!

Skål! – Tiffany


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