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Family Travel Food Packing Necessities

Come on, People. Adventure time.

We spent last week with one side of our family and it was everything your soul longs for living so far from them all. We have a tradition of renting homes in the towns where we gather and I love it. There’s nothing like hanging out in PJs with a glass of wine around a bonfire or the slowness of a morning all together. Living together – even for a couple days – brings the kind of memories that linger and bubble for days, weeks, months. Laughter over shared jokes and special times. 

As I’ve said truly countless times, I feed people. That’s the only way I know to love. So before we packed up all the laundry and toiletries, I was packing a cooler. My husband joked that in a game of Oregon Trail, I would never leave Missouri for the sake of “just one more oxen.” Laugh all you want, babe. You know you love having food. 

For this trip, I did in fact overpack, but it was nice having it all there so here’s a quick inventory list, so I can remember what to not forget next time. 

Coffee, Tea and Filters
Sure, there’s usually some leftover from the last guest. But it’s stale and cheap. It’s worth having the good stuff.
This serves as creamer for slow, savored coffee and an easy drink for thirsty kiddos. 
Sandwiches for the road
I’m not the world’s biggest fan of fast food – unless it’s InNOut – but beyond that, when I need food, I need food… and waiting for the next stop doesn’t cut it. So I packed roast beef sandwiches… and I loved them. (As well as the burger we ate an hour later.)
Easy Heatable Dinner
Yes going out is fun, but so is just hanging out. Soup is perfect. I just filled a pitcher with Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Chicken soup (based on a recipe from LifeinGrace.)
The perfect snack anytime of the day. It bulks up any meal – and it fills hungry bellies at midnight. 
Breakfast Protein
It’s not worth not having it. It’s just not. For this trip, I made dozens (dozens) of mini frittatas of egg and ham. I popped them in the oven every morning and everyone was ready to tackle the day!
Breakfast Sweets
Special times call for special treats. And sometimes late nights mean a little morning jolt is necessary. Pear muffins and chocolate zucchini bread. Yogurt also served this purpose.
Packable Snacks
I brought Goldfish crackers and almond packs that I could keep in my purse, when we were on the go.
Wine and Beer
We did go shop for some, but having a few favorites with us was nice.

2 thoughts on “Family Travel Food Packing Necessities

  1. I love reading about this, mostly because I was privileged to be there!!!
    Tiffany is a great cook. Her advanced preparations made this a most memorable family time.

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