About Tiffany and the Smörgåsbord

Hej and Hi! Welcome!

About My Smörgåsbord

In the strictest sense, a smörgåsbord is a Scandinavian table {bord} full of cold dishes and open-faced sandwiches {smörgås}. While my table is often graced with salmon, dill and rye bread, it’s also seasoned with tasty travels and flavored with fresh ingredients.

Everyday, I feed myself and my husband and our beautiful girl – and an ever-growing Newfoundland dog named Lolabear. As often as I can, I feed our neighbors, friends, family and loved ones.

Come along while I balance a budget and an appetite, transport whoever is at my table back to a trip gone-by, or celebrate the homelands of our grandmothers with holiday dishes and heritage recipes.

This blog is for our mothers. Varsågod! Here you go! Enjoy!

About Tiffany

I grew up moving often, tasting the flavors of cultures around the country and world. Family recipes tied us to our roots, while new ones broadened our views. When I grew up, able to choose a more stable life, I fell in love with my own sea-faring man. Recipes, new and old, are even more special to me now. 

Our daughter is our bundle of joy and giggles – and fortunately she LOVES to eat!  Cook

I adore words. My love for diverse dishes developed alongside my love for language. At the University of California Berkeley (Go Bears!), I studied language development and theoretical linguistics.

My first job out of college was the lead reporter at a small town newspaper. And now I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners, writing and editing internal documents and marketing materials. I get their words back to work.

When I’m not staring at computer screens or stirring something in the kitchen, I’m hanging out with my little family, drooling over classic sports cars or digging into a new needlework project. Like I said… Smörgåsbord Life.

Skål, Tiffany