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Simple Raisin Bread Pudding | For Good Feelings

You know that scene in Frozen, when Oaken offers Lutefisk “for good feelings.” Well, I can assure you that as dear as Lutefisk is to our culinary identity, it lacks good feeling, but as I was working on this recipe, it struck me as full of good feeling. It embodied Varsagod and Skål. “Here you go. Enjoy. Be well.”… Read More Simple Raisin Bread Pudding | For Good Feelings

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Granola Ratio

I’m a big fan of ratios over recipes and techniques over instructions. I’m also a big fan of granola – and I have been all my life.  My parents couldn’t keep enough of it in the house – and even now I find myself spending way more on granola than I probably need to. Okay… well,… Read More Granola Ratio